From custom software design and build to SQL Server database development, support, security, training and recovery - we can build a solution to suit your needs or enhance your existing system.

Hello and welcome to Aldex Software Ltd; a friendly UK software house established for over 25 years and specializing in the development and support of high quality, bespoke database applications to meet your specific needs, whether you are an SME or a multi-national corporation.

  • Custom software & database development

  • Programming services (Microsoft .NET, VB, SQL Server, MS Access, TSQL)
  • Database support (Consultancy, Training, Audits, Performance, etc.)
  • Database Security (including help meeting GDPR/Data Protection Act requirements)
  • Database migration
  • Best Practice and a Lifetime Guarantee

Our primary business is the design and programming of bespoke database applications using Microsoft technologies, primarily SQL Server and .NET. Both standard Windows and Web based solutions are undertaken. 

Other services include customised SQL Server training, support and consultancy including database performance investigations, enhancing SQL Server security to meet the new EU GDPR requirements (such as encrypting personal data and auditing data access), the migration of Access databases to SQL Server, etc. 

We always aim to work in your best interests, not our own, trying to put ourselves in your situation and acting as if we were developing for our own company. This means, for example, that we will design your system to minimise support and maintenance costs and to make future enhancements easier, and cheaper, to undertake. 

Naturally we have a very high technical competency, especially in popular Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, VB.NET, and ASP.NET and we only use our own in-house expert developers (we won't outsource your project). We also use Best Practice to help to deliver a top quality bespoke software solution tailored to your exact requirements. ...and these are not just empty words! 

Any software that we develop for you will come with an unusual added benefit.... ....A Free Lifetime Guarantee! 

Any bugs or errors in your database application that are down to us will be fixed free of charge for the lifetime of your software - assuring you of the quality and reliability of our work as well as minimising your future costs! How many other software companies are confident enough to offer you the same guarantee? 

We also know that it is essential for you to receive the source code for any custom software that has been written for you - so we give this to you as standard. 

Today was our first live day on the new application, David and Ian have been excellent, we have very few issues which proves the quality of work they have produced, even our users are impressed?  
John Brett, Group IT Manager, Mears Group plc 

Further details of our clients, what they say about us, the projects we have worked on and the reasons why you should choose Aldex can be found elsewhere in this site.

Please look around the rest of the site and, if there is anything further you would like to know, please contact us.

Aldex Software Ltd. is a commercial company specializing in custom SQL Server, MS Access, Visual Basic, VB, VB.NET, and ASP.NET. We are bespoke database developers, designers, programmers, consultants and dedicated SQL Server specialists. Also Intranet and Intranet development including web enabled databases using ASP.NET and tailored SQL Server and Access training courses. Aldex is based in Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire and works throughout the UK.