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General support

We offer both contracted, timebank and ad-hoc support for SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, VB.NET and ASP.NET. We also so offer a SQL Server Health Check as well as a contracted SQL Server support and monitoring service.

Contracted support is at a fixed cost per annum.

With timebank support you pre-purchase a block of time against which you can call-off as required (thus saving you from raising a separate purchase order every time you need some help). We will log the time spent on your account and debit your timebank accordingly. A detailed breakdown will also be supplied at regular intervals and you can top up your timebank as necessary. Timebanks can also be used for minor development work as well as support.

Ad-hoc support is for occasional one-off requirements and may get lower priority at busy times.

Support is provided by telephone, fax, e-mail and by remote access (preferably using VPN but could also be PC Anywhere or RAS) which allows us to diagnose problems faster and therefore provides you with a higher quality of support and quicker fixes.

Free Support!

Unfortunately support does cost money! We are not able to offer free support. If you are looking for support but do not wish to pay for it then either search the Internet or post a question on one of the relevant newsgroup.

SQL Server Support

We offer a complete service.SQL Server support service covering problems, backups, disaster recovery, security, performance tuning, monitoring, virus alerts, service packs, dts import/export, data validation, etc. We also so offer a one-off SQL Server Health Check . 

Support for software developed by Aldex

All our in-house developed software is guaranteed for life. This means that, if there is a bug or error that is our fault, we will fix it free of charge for the lifetime of the software. However this is not the same as free support for life! Support would cover issues such as environment issues (network, computer problems, printing problems, operating system problems), data issues (invalid data, corrupted files, backup and restore problems), import/export problems, upgrade issues (machines, operating systems, service packs, applications software), etc. Some support packages also include minor modifications and enhancements. We also offer ad hoc support if you do not have an existing support contract with us.

With most of our new developments we include three months of free support but after this time you are advised to take out either a timebank support or an annual support contract to help keep your application running smoothly. We aim to provide a fast resolution to reported issues and most issues raised under support contracts are sorted out the same day although matters requiring more extensive testing or investigation may take longer. A variety of options are available as indicated below. Individual support packages can also be tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Ad-Hoc Support

If you are not an existing Aldex client, or if you are but have decided not to take out a support contract, then we can provide you an ad hoc support service. Under this we fix problems on an individual issue by issue basis. Usually we will quote you a fixed price for the job but sometimes we need to charge on a time and materials basis if the problem is not clear.

By it's nature ad hoc support is not given a high priority. This does not mean that it will take weeks to fix your problem but it does mean that we may not get round to it for several days depending upon our workload and resources at the time.

The alternative to Ad Hoc support is one of our support contracts; the benefits of which can include staff who retain familiarity with your application, a defined speed of response and guaranteed availability of resources. Contracted support is especially important if an application failure would impact your ability to run your business.

Bronze Support

Contracted support is available at varying levels depending upon your requirements. Bronze support covers issues relating to the operation and running of an application including assistance on how to use the application, investigation & rectification of data issues, problems with third party application (eg exporting to Word), etc.

A current copy of your application, together with archives of any old versions which are still in use, will be kept on-line at our offices to give you a faster fix time. We will also maintain a version control log and a support log including the details of all reported problems, how long they took to fix, what actions were taken, the version number of any fixes, etc. We will also maintain standardised documentation such as user names, contact details, etc. to allow us to support you better.

Bronze support has a 24 hour response time.

Silver Support

Includes all items under the Bronze support plus.... 

  • Application modifications and enhancements taking up to 1 hour in total
  • Weekly monitoring of back-ups, error logs and database size (requires dial-up)
  • 1 on-site visit per year (or 1 days development time if preferred)
  • One designated developer will be kept familiarized with your application and will usually deal with all support for your application. If this developer is on holiday/absent then another developer will investigate your problem (but may take longer to resolve the issue). If the designated developer should leave the company then another developer will be trained to take their place.

Silver support has a same working day response time.

Gold Support

Includes all items under the Silver support plus....

  • Application modifications and enhancements taking up to 4 hours in total
  • Daily monitoring of back-ups, error logs and database size (requires dial-up)
  • 2 on-site visit per year (or 2 days development time if preferred)
  • Proactive support. When a new Service Packs or versions of Operating Systems, MDAC, Office, SQL Server, etc. is released that may affect your application we will test it to see if it has any effect on your application, inform you of our findings and tell you whether or not we recommend that you implement them.
  • Two developers will be kept familiarized with your application to allow us to provide a more continuous level of high quality support. If one of the designated developers should leave then another developer will be trained to take their place.

Gold support has a 2 hour response time.