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SQL Server support

In addition to our SQL Server Health Check we also offer annual contracted SQL Server support.

Any observed problems will be rectified (where it is practical to do this remotely). Any problems that you report to us will be responded to within one working day. We are also happy to advise on issues relating to SQL Server (for example if you have a question about licensing or security). On-site visits are not included in this support level and are charged for if required. Note that support is only available during normal working hours.

This assumes that a SQL Health Check has been carried out and that we can connect to the server remotely (preferably by VPN/Remote Desktop).

With this support we will monitor your SQL Server remotely on a weekly basis (apart from Christmas/New Year). Items covered include:

  • Checking that backups are working and investigate any problems.
  • Monitor back-up strategy and alter if necessary.
  • Monitor back-up retention (full and transaction log backups) and alter if necessary.
  • Monitor database size, transaction log size, disk space, etc.
  • Check performance.
  • Undertake index rebuilding.
  • Monitor SQL Server services (eg Agent, Mail, DTC) to ensure they are running.
  • Monitor any jobs that have been set-up and investigate those that report failure.
  • Examine the SQL Logs for errors.
  • Advise of new SQL Server Service Packs and hotfixes when they arise.
  • Advise of any issues any general SQL Server issues that may affect your SQL Server system such as new security threats, Windows service packs, etc.
  • A support log will be maintained which you can inspect whenever you wish.
  • Next working day call-out for emergencies (additional charges apply).